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Therefore. the space is free throughout the day, usually on Sundays, so that families can enjoy outdoor activities, hiking, walking with pets, bicycles, skates, skates and other recreations offered on site.

If you like handicrafts, you cannot miss the Feira do Príncipe, held periodically in Joinville.

The event on Rua do Príncipe, in the Center, brings together artisans from the city and offers gastronomy options and cultural attractions.

In addition to a very diversified street trade, Joinville has good malls for those who enjoy shopping, going to the movies or simply enjoying the delicacies served in food courts.

In the city center, the options are Shopping Mueller Joinville (Rua Senador Felipe Schmidt, 235) and Shopping Cidade das Flores (Rua Mário Lobo, 106).

In the Bom Retiro neighborhood, close to the University Campus, is Garten Shopping (Avenida Rolf Wiest, 333).

The calendar of annual events includes local and national shows, theater shows, dance performances, choral singing, art exhibitions, storytelling and many other attractions.

Museums also reveal important details about the city’s history and curiosities about peoples, cultures and traditions.

Former brewery, the building that now houses public bodies and the Ajote Theater Shed is one of the meeting points of the city’s artists.

In fact, it is at the Cidadela Cultural Antarctica that the Summer Theater takes place, a festival that receives theater companies from Joinville and other regions, in addition to musical shows and cultural meetings.

Just keep an eye on the schedule and prestige. It is located at Rua 15 de Novembro, 1,383, in the América neighborhood.

Opened in September 1976, the Joinville Art Museum is one of the most famous in the city.

In addition to documenting, studying and conserving works of art, the mansion – which was the residence of the first mayor of Joinville – has a charming garden, open eventually to cultural events.

On Rua Rio Branco, 229, in the Center, is the National Museum of Immigration and Colonization.

Therefore, the place holds objects, memories and histories of immigration in southern Brazil and the founding of Joinville.

Visitors can visit the main mansion, listed by the former National Historical and Artistic Heritage Service (now IPHAN) in 1939.

The complex also has a heritage technology shed, with an architecture that refers to the half-timbered technique and has a collection of examples of flour mill, mate herb mill, sugar cane mill, canoe and ox cart , in addition to trade instruments and other objects.

The transport shed, opened to the public in 2007, houses wagons, wheelbarrows and riding accessories, hearses and wagons.

On the other hand, one of the attractions is the half-timbered house at the back of the museum, which recreates the common home among most of the middle-class immigrants from Joinville between the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Opened in 2014, the Instituto Internacional Juarez Machado is certainly a space for thinking, learning, appreciating and exhibiting works of art.