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We are talking about the Principality of Monaco, in Europe.

Monaco is an independent country, but it has everything to do with the French Riviera region. Cities such as Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez are all close to Monaco and are great day trips from the land of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

We were there in October 2018 and we love the experiences we had there. Contrary to what many people imagine, Monaco also has cheap tour options.

Walking through the streets is a very special itinerary, as there are several works by famous artists publicly exposed. Some gardens are also great programs, like Jardin Exotique.

How much does it cost: The Hotel Hermitage has values ​​from € 500.00 per night for a couple. A more economical option (from € 250.00) but also with a lot of quality is the Columbus Hotel Monte-Carlo, in the Fontvieille neighborhood (opposite the Princess Grace Rose Garden).

Note: Accommodation at some of the hotels on the list was a partnership. This post contains links to affiliate sites (

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Excellent blog and your work, very inspiring for those who like to travel (and who don’t ?? ??).

Hello Paulo, I find it hard not to like traveling! kkk I think the person who says he doesn’t like it, didn’t choose the right destination or company!

I love to accompany your trip, always everything very detailed, managing to solve all our doubts !!! I love it so much, continue with this incredible work and enjoy it !!!

Hi Tiberius. We are officially married. Since 2013, the National Council of Justice has determined that no notary public in the country can “refuse the celebration of civil marriages of same-sex couples or stop converting the same-sex stable union into marriage”. Homophobia is a crime in Brazil, did you know? Hugs.

Hello, I always accompany the blogger because there are many places in Brazil that I want to visit, I was planning a trip for two, my boyfriend is from another country and we want a beach destination, but I am a bit in doubt as he is a foreigner wanted a place very cool, I know it is difficult to answer but what is the most remarkable place for you for a romantic beach trip, I am very in doubt between Jeri, Porto de Galinhas, Maragogi and Trancoso. That’s because I already exclude Pipa kk, if you can tell me one, thank you. Oh and you are very nice! Let this pandemic pass so we can travel again. A hug.

How cool Ludmila. Thank you very much for the comment. Look, I’ll take a chance here, but I imagine that because your boyfriend is a foreigner, I believe he will like Jeri better. To be honest, it is not even my favorite destination among the ones you mentioned, but Jeri has a really nice combination of natural beauty with a different structure (sandy streets, inns and charming restaurants). I think it will be a great choice for your honeymoon. But without wanting to complicate your choice, Jeri’s problem is that the cost of accommodation can be more expensive than in other destinations, so as a second option I would choose Trancoso, which also has this same energy as Jeri. Big hug.

First of all, congratulations a thousand to you always! Here a couple of girls already arriving in 8 years of relationship. I found it by chance in one of those random travel surveys a few years ago. Since then I always recommend the people ️‍ as a source of information, with this pandemic thing my travels this year went down the drain and seeing cool photos from this page or on the face is always a good indicator of where I want to go on a next trip. I love the beach and it will always be my favorite destination. I went to Aruba and I want to go back. Another place I love is Miami beach, there I feel at home because of the way we are accepted and respected.

How nice Janaína. Thank you very much for the directions. We still don’t know Miami Beach, I always speak to Cleber but he doesn’t have much desire to travel to the United States, when we went to California it was more at my insistence. Huge kiss and let it pass soon.

Loved the tips! You could do an article only for hotels that have a suite with a private pool. I’m loving this option for trips, it fits perfectly in a romantic profile, like mine, lol.

What a delight, Mayara. Recently we stayed in a delicious hotel in Camocim that has a swimming pool on the veranda (it is the same as the other very famous one in Jericoacoara, but it is much more expensive), take a look at this post: 2019/12 / camocim-ceara-barroquinha.html Hugs.

I loved the tip of Praia do Espelho, too bad I just came back but the cool thing is that I didn’t visit it so I will have to return. Hugs!

Hi Michele. It happens, for example I will have to go back to meet Caraíva. All pretext for traveling more. Big kiss.

I recommend Caraíva, we have been twice! We love it, walking in the sand all over the village! Go down the Caraí River, go by ox and