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Applications are made by two different ways. However, the visa centers authorized by the Senegal Consulate can be obtained. The transactions must be compatible with the requested procedures so that the Senegal visa can be taken in the time.

According to this situation, the type of visa and the paperwork to be prepared vary. After determining the type of visa, the visa application form must be filled and the visa request petition should be prepared.

In the visa claim petition, the purpose of the Senegal travel should be described as clearly and transportation related to travel, accommodation, how to meet the costs, the information on how to be met. One of the most important points in visas is that the information provided is supported by documents. Therefore, it should be noted that the paperwork is up to date. Another important point is that the passport’s Senegal travel has to be at least 6 months valid with the end of the end of the year. If all the required transactions are in accordance with the procedures, the application is described in 10 working days.

intending to travel to Sierra Leone with all of Turkey’s citizens must obtain visas in Sierra Leone. between Sierra Leone and Turkey is not a visa exemption. Therefore, it is not possible to log into the country of Sierra Leone without visa. There are no operations such as Sierra Leone Express Visa or Door Visa.

With the complete fulfillment of entry conditions to the country, the transactions can be taken care of in a short time. Before traveling to Sierra Leone, the purpose of the trip is determined as definitely. Accordingly, the type of visa is clear and the desired paperwork is prepared. The paperwork must be up to date and real.

After the desired paperwork is prepared, Sierra Leone Ankara is carried out by the Embassy of Ankara or Visa Consultancy firms authorized by the Sierra Leone consulate. In the Visa Application process, the passport is valid and must have more validity of at least 6 months after Sierra Leone travel.

If the transactions are fully made, the Sierra Leone visa application results within 10 business days. Bordeaux who have called on passport passport must obtain a visa before the trip to Slovakia Slovakia citizen of the Republic of Turkey. Since there is no visa purchase application at the border, visa operations must be carried out to suit the procedures.

Slovakia visas operations are also carried out by these representations. The official passport owner Turkish citizens do not have to take a visa on Slovakia travels that do not exceed 90 days in the day. Turkish citizens with a Schengen visa on the passport do not need to have a visa on Slovakia trips. Slovakia should be paid to the visa type and the desired paperwork to be applied in visa operations. According to the purpose of the travel, the visa type is the desired paperwork to prepare according to the type of visa.

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